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Inscrições abertas para o programa Internacional de Trainee da Andrade Gutierrez de 01 de julho a 31 de agosto de 2014.

O Trainee AG é um programa internacional. Todos os cadastros são direcionados ao mesmo banco de dados. Inscreva-se na página de sua língua nativa.
The Andrade Gutierrez Group is among the largest Brazilian multinational groups, with a history spanning 65 years. We are an organization that started off as a construction company that has now grown into a global infrastructure group – with investments in Engineering & Construction, Telecommunications, Energy, Logistics, Health and Sanitation, in over 40 countries. We are always oriented towards New Business Development.

AG Trainee Requirements:
  • Graduation granted between December/2012 and December/2014;
  • We shall accept graduates from all the courses;
  • International experience is desirable;
  • Advanced English is necessary;
  • Basic Spanish or  basic Portuguese as a second language (is necessary for foreigners);
  • Availability to travel and to live in foreign countries (mandatory – Brazil & Foreign Countries);
  • Experience with MS Office® ( Word, Excel e Power Point).
Inscreva-se AQUI.

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