segunda-feira, 10 de março de 2014


One of the most common issues in an undergraduation are the books. In Chemical Engineering, maybe, this is worse. We have so many references and handbooks which  professors recommend: “Every academic must have this book or that guide”. We get lost about which of to purchase. Beyond the high prices of Chemical Engineering books and variety of authors. We have problem with space they take, usually, these books are enormous and heavy. So, wouldn't be great if we could reduce our dependence on paper books?

Well, well, you can do it! One of the biggest advantages of internet   is that you can have access to an entire library for a low cost, or even free. E-libraries are very usefull for those who can't spend too much money or space with books. On web is possible to find out books of any kind you want: applied chemistry, organic chemistry, calculus, handbooks, transport fenomena, development and safety processes and lots more.

For example, on facebook we have two great pages: All About Chemical Engineering and Ebooks Chemical Engineering. Both pages have a huge number of titles that are organized by cathegories, what makes it easier to find a specific book.

So, if you need any book and can’t afford it. Maybe, you’ll find it or a similar on the pages I suggested or even in other files on the web. So, enjoy it!

To access the pages click on:

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  1. Congrats. Even being a Civil Engineer, I liked this suggest.

  2. Thank you very much. I am glad that you found it useful! :)