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It's really rewarding when the result of our work makes some social difference. Some engineers dedicate long period of their lives improving poor communities instead of staying at labor or industry developing a research to improve technologies -- places where it's commom to find them. But what it is clear that still lacking some fusion of social and technologie developments, which means that we engineers must share what have found with world -- in a eqally way. Working in new technologies is a awesome way to develop our world - but as a global one we also have to distribute what have built. What we, while engineers, can do for others and a better world? There is a iniciative called ECOS (Engineers for Community Service) in USA which mix social responsabilities with the pratical part of a engineers job - and it has been remaking a new engineer profile tendency.

         The Ohio State University provides a wide range of course which help to grow and help to produce well rounded students. The courses are offered by the University which relate to volunteer work, international diversity, development in third world countries and ways for developing engineers to utilize their skills and talents effectively in a variety of areas.

         It's still a increasing project and has been working majority in USA -- probably Brazilian students can't join due some border reasons -- but they are also doing some projects abroad, what represents a real chance for Brazil. While it does not happen, there are a plenty of organizations which work like ECOS --- Engineers Without Borders is a good example --- and there are no reasons to be stuck wherever you are. Being a engineer and working for a society does not require too much burocracy --- only a attitude.

          ECOS was founded in 2004 by a group of undergraduates in an engineering ethics course at Ohio State.  The organization took on its first international project, Montaña de Luz, in 2005 and went on to win the Spirit of Ohio State Award that very same year.  Since its creation, ECOS has gone on to win several more awards and has expanded to include both local and international projects.

         One of them is called Wheelchair Ramps, project that builds Wheelchair Ramps   for disabled people around the Columbus metropolitan community who require specialized access to their homes. The students consult with social workers at the OSU Wexner Medical Center as well as with local churches and nonprofit organizations to identify residents who require a ramp but who cannot afford to have one built and who have no other place to turn for assistance. They then visit with the resident and assess the location and needs and, finally, design and build a customized ramp or lift system for the resident’s home that will meet his/her requirements for improved mobility.

If you want to get informed, google it https://ecos.osu.edu  and try to absorb some ideas!

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